The dominant theme in interior design during the last few years and even today is bringing the natural elements in. It seems that this design trend is not going anywhere. While decorating with greenery has gained popularity, especially during the pandemic, adding water elements can make your indoor decor even better.

Indoor water fountains provide an additional sensory experience over your typical decor. The theme is so popular that there is a great percentage of people looking for indoor water ideas online.

More than Just a Trend

Aside from its increased presence on internet searches, most interior designers think that indoor water fountains are a great addition to your decor because they create a more peaceful environment but are still in line with the latest trends in design.

Now that more people are staying at home, adding relaxing features like a water formation can add an element of tranquillity to the space. After all, this is what interior design is all about.  It is about creating a feeling for the space to evoke.

For some, setting up an indoor water fountain may look over the top at a glance. According to interior designers, both minimalists and maximalists can find a water element that can suit their taste.

There are two emerging trends this year that are predominant in many new homes and offices. First is the water fountains embracing the baroque style with getting heavy on ornamentations. The second trend is towards smaller and minimalist fountains that evoke the zen vibe. They are made to blend with the background instead of making it stand out. To use a water fountain and a bold or subtle way will depend on its scale.

floor fountains

floor fountains*

How to Make Indoor Water Fountain Ideas Work

If you want to have an on-trend water fountain in your home but don’t know how to start, we have some tips that could help.

Set the tone right in your entryway

If you want to set a meditative mood the minute you and your guest walk through the front door, we suggest putting a water fountain right in your entryway. A trickling sculpture right in your foyer can instantly set the mood with a relaxing feeling upon entering the house.

Pair the water fountain with other sensory elements

The sound of running water is already soothing, but you can reinforce the calming effect of the room with the addition of other sensory elements. It can be a relaxing scented candle or an essential oil diffuser since you need to appeal to as many senses as you can to invoke a calming space.

Add other natural elements

If you are trying to bring nature indoors, using an indoor water fountain is a great idea. However, you can also try blending this with other organic elements. Think about adding greenery to your water fountain setup.

It can add a design element that will set the room apart and bring an instant feng shui and calming factor. Make sure to complete the indoor oasis with natural lighting. It will make the space come alive.

Make the place come alive

A piece of art can be a good conversation piece in the room where you entertain. But adding a water fountain in the corner will add interest to where you entertain. The sound of water in the background can soothe the atmosphere and invoke a feeling of nature without being seen.

For those who want to refresh their interiors, try using a water fountain as your focal point. It has many benefits that are worth the investment.