When it comes to add water bodies or features into your yard, Water Fountain is the most viable and versatile option indeed. Since they are available in a variety of styles and made out of different materials, they are the good choice to match virtually any landscape design and yards. However, choosing the right fountain for your yard or landscape garden is the tricky thing as it is not easy for average homeowners to determine which the right type for their yards is. The key to choosing the right fountain is by considering the size of the landscape and the existing features which would help you to choose the right fountain. Below are some common types of fountains that are worth considering.


The most classic and dramatic type of foundation today is the spouting Water Fountain because it features a pipe that sprays water into air for a plume-like, striking effect. This is classic type of fountain which is easy to add to your existing water features like swimming pool and pond because it requires only a submersible pump to keep the water spraying. The spouting fountain can also be combined with statue so that the water can be sprayed from a particular spot of the statue or you may simply choose the design that comes with nozzle which spray water in particular pattern like bubbles or ring.


If you are looking for a subtle option, then cascading fountain would be the best choice indeed. Unlike spouting fountain, cascading fountain makes use of multiple levels so that the water can overflow from one level to another. This is basically the replicate of conventional tired fountains. You will find some smaller versions where water flows via a series of pots and other containers. They are actually self-contained and this means that no plumbing is necessary for installation of the foundation in your yard.       

Pond-Less Fountain

Pond-Less fountain is the upgrade version of conventional Water Fountain. Unlike cascading and spouting fountain that draws water from visible water reservoir like lower basin or pond, the Pond-Less Fountain has the reservoir concealed underground. Due to this design, it demands for lots of maintenance compared to other models and it can be installed easily in smaller areas. The base of the fountain is made out of non-conventional structure like column, urn, boulder and more that is place on bed of river gravels or rocks so that the water can drain to the reservoir underneath.

Wall Fountain

Wall Fountain is the smart type of fountain that is suitable for small backyard area because it needs no space for installation like cascading or spouting fountain. You can also opt for the free standing design with attached basin or flat back so that the fountain can be placed against fence or wall in your yard. It is the self-contained model that you can hang directly on the walls.

So, these were some of the popular models of Water Fountain that you may consider for your yard or landscaper garden.