There are a wide variety of reasons as to why you should install a water fountain in your home, they are stylish and beautiful adding elegance into your interior decoration providing steady and soothing sounds enhancing your overall experience in your living room or bedroom.

Indoor water features come with plenty of benefits but one of the most overlooked is its ability to improve air quality. The indoor water fountains have the capability of purifying dry air, humidifying dry air as well as diffusing negative ions in the air.

Air purifying

One of the overlooked factors in most homes is air quality, poor air quality is the source of many health effects such as airborne sickness or allergies. It’s always vital that you have good air quality, especially in your home.

Depending on the size of your indoor feature, it has been scientifically proven that they have the ability to remove debris and dirt from air as HEPA air purifiers.

Negative ions

Another vital element that is always overlooked in the air of your home is the deficiency of negative ions. Negative ions are usually naturally created from nature and they have been known to reduce anxiety and stress as well as regulation of serotonin levels.

The negative ions are extremely good for your health, but at times they can be really hard to come by especially if you are indoors. Appliances are electrical devices that are a good source of sufficient positive ions that will fill your home. Indoor water fountains are the perfect source of this negative ion that will fill your home.

The smooth flowing of air from your water fountain will balance the presence of positive and negative ions in your living space providing you with clean and fresh air.

Wall fountains design

Wall fountains design


The dry winter weather can be actually had to cope with, the air is dry and cold. The heater can definitely assist in the cold department but they result in a lack of humidity which makes the whole winter situation even worse.

One of the best solutions to rectify the situation is through the installation of an indoor water fountain, indoor water fountains are a good source of providing freshwater that will flow through your home. The water will evaporate into the air providing you with a much more tolerable and conducive environment.

All you need to do is keep an eye out for the water conditions as you’ll be required to add extra air from time to time.

You’ll be surprised to know that your indoor fountains come with a lot of advantages more than you ever know. Not only will it improve the visual appeal and aesthetics of your house but it also provides you with valuable and deeper benefits.

With the abilities of the provision of negative ions, air purification, and humidifying the air, an indoor water fountain is more than just a decorative and beautiful piece.