It is always a great idea to add an indoor fountain to your home. Aside from being an additional aesthetic element, it can enhance the look and feel of your interiors. On top of that, indoor fountains can be a powerful stress reliever and bring a sense of calmness and tranquility.

Indoor fountains can come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Some of the choices include wall-mounted fountains, free-standing floor fountains, and tabletop fountains. There is practically every type of fountain for every home. Even homes with small kids.

Children are naturally attracted to fountains. But it may seem too dangerous for them to play around. However, you can still add an indoor fountain and make it safe for them. This article will give you some pointers on how to put up one that kids will enjoy.

Modern indoor water fountains

Modern indoor water fountains

Indoor Fountain and Children

Kids naturally enjoy watching the water falling and the wonderful sounds it can create. However, parents are concerned about making sure that the fountain is safe. Although an indoor fountain can never be childproof, there are several ways on how you can protect your child from this water feature while not discounting the joy it gives to the children

Things You Should Avoid When Choosing an Indoor Fountain

If you have small children in your home, here are some of the things that you should avoid.

1. Choking Hazards

The first thing you should take care of when you have small children is to remove all choking hazards. Children are naturally curious, and they would want to put anything they find in their mouths to help them explore. Us adults know better but small kids are just learning.

Thus, when choosing an indoor fountain design, make sure that it’s free from small detachable pieces. Avoid choking hazards like pebbles, rocks, stones. These choking hazards that kids can easily take from the fountain.

2. Free-Standing Pieces

Most homeowners prefer to have free-standing indoor fountains. These types of fountains are not the safest when you have children around. If you are still adamant about getting a free-standing fountain make sure that it is a wide and sturdy piece that will not be moved from its location. A tall and slender design would be easy to knock over when you have children running around. It could be dangerous for them as the piece may fall over and hurt your kids.

3. Within Arm’s Reach

One thing to protect your child is to keep things that pose danger to them out of reach. When planning where to put your indoor fountain, think of strategic locations that would be out of their little hands. A wall fountain would be a perfect choice, especially when there is furniture at its front. However, make sure that your kid will not climb over this furniture to reach the fountain.

Final Thoughts

Having small children in the house should not deter you from having a fountain. It can bring many benefits to you and your family. Think about improving air quality, reducing stress, and supporting sleep. When you have kids at home and yet you want to have a fountain, remember to avoid any potential problem. You can manage to have a fountain while keeping your children safe and happy.