Metal flower pots and planters are a stylish way to grow blooming flowers and green plants. Planting in containers is a great way to exercise your green thumb too while keeping your gardening project to a minimum. This way, it is more manageable. Did you know that you can create a new decorative statement using metal flower pots?

And do you know how these beauties are made? What are they made from, and are they suitable for your plants? This article will try to answer all your questions about metal flower pots manufacturing. Read on and get a few tips on how you can plant beautiful plants in these pots.

metal round flower pots home decoration

metal round flower pots home decoration

Materials Used in Manufacturing Metal Flower Pots

Growing plants in metal pots is an excellent idea because these are indestructible. You can use them for your plants for years. They also give off a beautiful color of orange patina as they age adding an attractive flavor to your garden. Many public places used cast-iron planters for their driveways and front yards because they are durable and last longer.

Metal pots are available in a wide variety of metals ranging from aluminum and cast iron to galvanized steel. They have very durable qualities as they don’t crack or break. Although thin metals may dent, it will not break. When choosing a metal pot, you should not choose cheap metals as they can rust quickly and deteriorate.

One disadvantage of using metal pots is it can conduct the heat into the soil and can damage the roots of the plants. Some metals are also toxic and are not suitable for planting edible plants. Metals are also non-porous, so you have to make sure that it has an adequate outlet to drain the water.

Corten Weathering Steel

One of the most popular metals used in metal flower pots manufacturing is Corten Steel and called weathering steel. It is made by combining carbon steel and stainless steel. Aside from the two metals, chemicals, including Cr, Ni, Cu, and many others, are also added for its anti-weathering characteristics. Because of these weathering properties of Corten, it is also used in building bridges, fences, signs, and other architectural features.

The unique chemistry in Corten is something special. Over time, this material will have a patina effect. It changes its color from grey to orange, then to red, and finally a brown color when exposed to the elements. Most metal pots from Corten are in an attractive orange color. It is achieved this color by accelerating the process through pre-weathering. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another metal that offers sensational appearance and complement any landscape and architecture. It is a premier metal because it has an inherent anti-rust characteristic. When stainless steel is used in manufacturing metal flower pots, it combines style with durability and strength. The product can also come in different sizes and shapes with varying finishes from mirror polished, satin to brush. Stainless steel pots can also come in different colors.

Galvanized Steel

Another material that is used in metal pots is galvanized steel. This is a steel that is coated with a layer of zinc to prevent rusting. The presence of soil and water can subject the plant container into wear and tear, but with galvanized steel, you can avoid them.

Because steel can absorb the heat of the sun, it may damage the roots. It can be prevented by lining the inside with newspaper. Galvanized steel container should also have adequate drainage. The positive things about using this material are can be large but lightweight, durable, and is readily available in many garden supply shops.

How Metal Flower Pots Are Made

There are plenty of small metal shops that offer customization for metal planters and pots. This is good for customized pots because they can make pots of any desired dimensions.

For more sophisticated designs and large orders, it is better to approach metal companies. They have the technicians and equipment who can accommodate intricate designs and large quantities. The process of creating these pots are more professional and involves going through the drafting department. It is here where CAD software is used to ensure that the pots and planters are made in the exact dimensions.

The unique metal fabrication capabilities of these facilities mean that they can manufacture the largest and most complex metal planters and flower pots with ease. They can do the project with a drawing that goes through the estimator. Once they have the details of the project, they can provide the quote to get started.

There are many uses for metal flower pots. You can find them in residential, commercial, or business settings. It is also an excellent addition to your gardening business because homeowners and professionals in the landscaping, architectural, and design industries love them.