The most obvious reason why many people are adding a water feature to their indoor decoration is for aesthetics. But did you know that there are other benefits of setting up an indoor water fountain that many of them don’t think about? Read this article as we explore some of the added benefits you will get when you have a fountain inside your home.

We cannot discount the decorative appeal of an indoor fountain as these beautiful creations are an art in itself. However, you will be glad to know that there are other benefits of choosing the indoor fountain as a stunning accent for your home.

Here are some of the benefits of an indoor water fountain.

Stress Relief

It’s been long established that the sound and sight of moving water can calm the senses. It can make people feel more relaxed and reinvigorated. Well, if you cannot go near the water, why not bring the water into your home. You can have the gurgling sound of the brook without leaving your home when you have an indoor water fountain.

As you feel overwhelmed by the fast-past life we have created, let the sound of the fountain block out the noise and allow our body to be in-tune with nature.

Indoor water fountain

Indoor water fountain


Fountains have a natural humidifying effect, especially on dry air. It is even better than the sound of a humidifier. As the environment near the tumbling water of the fountain contains negative ions, it has an excellent effect on something with slightly elevated amounts of positive ions. This increase in positive ions is usually present when there is air pollution or diseases. The negative ions can help clean the air, which has beneficial effects on the body and mind.

White Noise Effect

When sounds are generated at different frequencies at the same time, it creates a white noise. You can get saturated by the frequencies that you will not hear the individual voices anymore. All you hear is the buzzing sound. The white noise masks the frequency of other voices and sounds. The sound of flowing water has the same effect; it does not block the voices but mask them. Some people love this sound and make them sleep.

Feng Shui

The Chinese’s revered art of placement, Feng Shui is getting into the mainstream in the West and has become a decorating trend. One of the major principles of Feng Shui is nature to produce spiritual energy. The goal of the practice is to synchronize living spaces, the land, landscaping, and belongings with the flow of energy. If this is done properly, Harmony can be achieved.

Indoor water fountains, with the soothing sound of water, can fill the requirements of the water component in Feng Shui. Most practitioners believe that putting water fountains near the entrance can bring successful business transactions, bring good health, and promote learning.

Having an indoor water fountain as part of your decorations can bring plenty of benefits. It can have positive health effects, transforms the air supply, and can make your home into a Feng Shui paradise.