Nothing works better to appease stress than the soothing sounds of running water in nature. If you ever had a camping trip to the country or the mountains, or if you love fishing on a river, you probably remember this sound like one of the most pleasant you have experienced in your life. We are even willing to bet that at some point you have used one of the many ambient river flow soundtracks uploaded on YouTube to calm down after a long day of work.

If you are wondering how you can get this sensation permanently at your home at all moments, look no further than an indoor water fountain to enjoy this calm feeling at every waking hour. As surprising as it seems, placing a fountain in your household is a trendy thing to do. Due to their popularity over the past few years, it is now possible to find one that goes with your style or the setting of your household.

The Benefits of Having an Indoor Water Fountain

You can also add up to the fact that now there are several listed benefits that you can get by having a water fountain. Most of them can be traced back to the discipline of Feng-Shui, an Asian belief that works with the arrangement of the furniture in your place to allow the flow of positive energies. You can get a tabletop fountain, one that is placed free-standing, and a few others that can be wall-mounted. For practitioners of Feng-Shui, the presence of a water fountain is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

As it happens with such an exotic placement, a fountain can be placed in any space of your household or even in your workplace, as long as it follows the basic premises of Feng-Shui. They look great indoors as well as outside. Their presence is a source of wholesome energy that prevents any sort of imbalance and conflicts in your most sacred spaces. Even if all the mystical elements are not a drawn to your beliefs, you can simply choose to set a fountain because they are a joyful view, one that brings you peace and quiet when you need it.

The following is a list of benefits that you can get by placing an indoor water fountain at home. They are not based on any specific science, but they follow a pattern of feedback offered by many people who have chosen to have a water fountain at home, and now they can’t live without it:

· A Fountain Provides Relaxation

We are living the most stressful times that humans have ever experienced in their history. As a species, we are still striving to improve ourselves, but our struggles are more existentialist than they have ever been. We no longer fight for survival; we look for a sense of being. The relaxing sound of flowing water can take your mind away from everything in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that modern indoor water fountains can be placed anywhere in your household since their designs come in all sizes to help you create a relaxing environment you heart desires.

· A Fountain Can Work as a Humidifier

The people who have to deal with the four seasons of the year will experience a few cold months during the year. Late autumn, most of the winter, and early spring will keep the air pretty dry at home causing a few health issues such as dry skin, sored lips and many side effects that can make you feel pretty uncomfortable in those days. By placing an indoor water fountain, we can add some natural moisture to the room where we set it. This will take away most of these nasty sensations away from and keep your plants in top shape for the cold seasons.

· Indoor Fountains Make for a Stunning Visual

If you are one of the many people out there who look for different ways to make your house look different at any time, a water fountain offers a rather beautiful and unique look to any room. As we have already stated the number of options out there as well as the different types of design make them an ideal placement on the floor room, on top of a table, or hanging from a wall. If you make sure it goes right with the decoration of your place, the fountains will draw the attention of any visitor.

· Fountains “Drown” Other Sounds

An indoor fountain can easily create a white noise effect by drowning every other sound in the room and at some point even outside noises. This can help a lot of people get some much-needed sleep to rest properly. This fact has been actually proven by science. Flowing water offers the best and most relaxing white noise effect you can experience. Now imagine having a direct source of it in the same room where you sleep.