Narrowing the search for the best water fountains can be a daunting task in itself, given the broad definition of the term. As the name implies, a water fountain is a device that allows the flow of water, either for visual adornment or to provide a sip of water.

Many folks set-up water fountains on their yards. These allow birds or small animals to get some water in the hot days of summer. Old-school sports enthusiasts are very familiar with the classic water fountains placed in diverse settings such as gyms and public squares.

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Water Fountains – A Green Solution

The use of water fountains has fallen out of habit in many places due to the rise of the bottled water and people carrying their recipients to have something to drink as they take a stroll or even as they work. However, the green mentality seems to be overtaking the minds of many people worldwide, and the water fountain is making a comeback for the most practical purposes.

One of the most significant pushes for this public return happened in London not so long ago, when Sadiq Khan, the city’s current major, announced a city-wide initiative to install a brand new network of water fountains so people can drink water in the open and refill their recipients.

Backing Up Intentions with Actions

The initiative has a thoughtful approach: to decrease bottled water consumption in the country’s capital. That way, London can do its part in reducing the astonishing rate of plastic bottles coming out of the city, which according to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, is up to 100.000 bottles a day in London alone.

According to the World Health Organization, the numbers are even scarier when we consider that the people on the planet consume at least 1 million bottles of water each minute. Water fountains don’t sound so bad when it comes to taking some responsibility on our hands and helping out the world with our ever-increasing demands as consumers.

Using a Water Fountain in 2021

There is no guarantee that you’ll have the best water fountain in your location. After all, these devices need periodical maintenance. However, it is essential to understand that there is a proper way to use them to ensure your safety. Old-timers know that the best approach is by testing the rise of the water flow first. That way, we’ll know how much we need to crouch if you are drinking directly from it.

However, in these modern times, the best way to use a water fountain is by carrying around your bottle and filling it up. Be mindful of the time it takes and the capacity. If you are using a public water fountain, the safest bet is that water has been treated to ensure it’s drinkable, but a fountain in public spaces means that you’ll have a line of people behind you waiting. Be courteous about it and fill in what you need to drink until you get to your destination.