Let’s be honest here: the right water fountain will always be a great piece of decoration regardless of the place it’s set in place. If you run a quick Google search on images, you can see that fountains have evolved from these old school devices that just poured water continually in a single pattern. These days there are places where a water fountain is a spectacle unto itself. You can see Las Vegas as one of the finest examples of this trend, while other locations tend to have a more conservative approach that is ominous just based on the amount of detail that went into their creation.

Not All Water is Created Is Created Equal – The Same Principle Applies to Fountains

If you have a green mindset, you are probably thinking that water fountains are a colossal waste of water in w world facing the incoming danger of drought. The fact that Wall Street is trading with water should be setting off everybody’s alarms. This is where we come in to offer some peace of mind. Let’s skip the fact that 70% of the planet’s mass is made of water, fountains usually use freshwater to work… or so we believe.

Let’s get started with something that usually shocks many people: decorative fountains do no use freshwater to work. No, they do not use salted water either. The water rocking your city’s square is solid water, full of minerals or what we call in layman terms: untreated and unfiltered. This water is the best one for fountains since it can be treated with the proper chemicals that will keep the water running within the fountain’s filtered mechanism. As you can guess, the water in a decorative fountain usually gets the same treatment as the water used in a pool.

outdoor water fountains

outdoor water fountains*

The Nonfunctional Uses of Water

You could make a case that the water used for these fountains could be very well treated for consumption instead of going for such a meaningless use. We shall counter this argument with some facts: the larger amount of water required to keep the largest fountain in Las Vegas, the Bellagio, is 22 million gallons. The amount of bottled fresh water sold worldwide in a single day is 1 billion gallons. Humanity overall consumes 10 billion gallons daily in everything they do, from maintaining crops to water consumption. We currently account for using 2.5% of all the water we have in the world every single day.

If you are wondering what’s the rate of non-practical uses, we have the figure for you: 0.01% of the total amount of water used daily is used for recreational purposes or aesthetics. It’s nice to have some perspective. We understand the point of many environmentalist agencies when they place their figures out in the open. However, many of the world’s problems regarding water does not come from a humanitarian POV. It comes from geographical reasons. It’s also worth noticing that in 2020, out of 7 billion people in the world, only 790 million have not to access to clean water.


The figure might seem like a challenge, but it speaks volumes about humanity has moved towards finding a solution to the problem. Meanwhile, you can feel a bit less guilty about enjoying a water fountain at home or by looking at the Bellagio’s next time you hit Las Vegas.