Ok, let’s get started with the basic premise: you are an animal enthusiast, and you are wondering what you can do to help keep your furry pals keep themselves hydrated. Maybe you don’t have a pet of your own, but you live in a green area where lots of animals roam around looking for something to drink. Maybe you do own a pet, especially since most people these days are pretty adept at having a cat, a dog, or both. Summertime can be a drag for these little fellows, especially if you live in a hot area. So what can you do?

Leaving a bowl with water is something that your granny used to do, but you live in the 21st century, there is undoubtedly a more practical solution than this one, especially one that doesn’t get knocked over with a pawn. Enter the best modern solution: a water fountain. Suddenly you no longer have to worry about the animals in your home being thirsty. You also don’t have to worry about leaving spool of stagnant water that can go muddied and dirty. You can offer fresh water to your cats, dogs, or the occasional passing by deer.

best cat water fountains

best cat water fountains*

What do You Solve by Offering Animals Filtered Water with A Fountain?

· You Give them the Benefit of Fresh and Clean Water

We can go with this reason, for starters. You think animals create resistance to water parasites only because they mostly consume unfiltered, untreated water? Think again, any given animal will have an easier time by consuming freshwater free from impurities. Your furballs at home will avoid kidney issues by drinking water like this.

· The Filters on Fountains are Easy to Use and Easy to Clean

Water fountains set for the sole purpose of helping animals get a drink usually come equipped with a unique deposit that works as a reservoir for water. You don’t need to refill this deposit every single hour as you would do with a bowl. Some of them even have self-serving devices to help these little fellas to help themselves to some water when they go empty. The best part? They are incredibly easy to clean.

· The Best Choice if you have Multiple Pets or Animals Roaming Your Property due to Cleanness

Maybe you are a person who doesn’t want a lot of bowls around. You can prevent this by setting up a water fountain with a carbon filter. These devices will clean the water flow going into the bowl and avoid the deterrent of some of these animals who really don’t like someone else’s drool tainting their water. Cats are incredibly picky about this!

· Your Furry pal will Drink More Water and Avoid Stress

With a water fountain, you will prevent whiskers stress if you have cats, and your dogs will love drinking from it, mostly because they no longer have to wait for you to fill a bowl to get a few sips. You can choose to form a very diverse range of designs, but the ones bearing a down-flow just like a river or a waterfall, are the favorites of many pets worldwide.