Home is a place where one can relax and de-stress themselves after a long day at work. Or work efficiently at calm and a relaxing environment of the office. Experts have found that running water has a great effect on the mind and body. It has a therapeutic effect on the mind. People often feel good after visiting a beach or a mountain stream.

Indoor water Fountain is a popular choice for many. Some people use it to enhance their home and use it as a focal point as a decorative piece. Water fountains have psychological and physiological effects on the health. Let’s see how water fountains make a positive effect on the health of a human being:

  • Purifies the Air we breathe– It purifies the air we breathe at home. Home appliances life refrigerators, washing machines etc release positive ions. Air purifier which are the popular options today. They are bulky and cumbersome and attract dust particles by releasing negative ions. Including an Indoor water fountain is a good choice as it releases negative ions without producing any loud noise. The running water soothes the mind.
  • Best source of White Noise– Usually a person looks for a quiet and relaxing place to fall asleep at night. But due to loud noise of the refrigerator, noise pollution, it becomes really hard to sleep. Listening to the water sound makes a person relaxed and calm that induces sleep instantly.
  • Restores moisture– In winters we all use heaters to warm up the surroundings. However it absorbs the moisture in the air, thus making it dry. If one suffers from dry skin, headaches, discomfort in the ear, nose and throat. Humidifiers tend to form mould, fungi and bacteria in the stagnant water, thus making it a health hazard. Water fountains are the best choice as the flowing water makes the air moist and makes bacteria difficult to breathe.
  • De- stresses the environment– The effect of running water makes our body to infuse a chemical caller “Serotonine”. It is a feel good hormone that causes a biochemical reaction that makes a person feel calm and happy. The sound of flowing water makes the mind calm and one can meditate easily and feel relaxed.

Negative ions are usually found near streams and waterfalls. As they are produced they attach themselves to air borne particles like dust and smoke. These particles move around in the air. It makes the air purified and easy to breathe. The most important aspect to add an Indoor water fountain is that it changes the positive ions to negative ions. Negative ions help to strengthen the functions of the nerves, reinforce collagen, improve the immune system and increase the prototype plasma membranes of the cells in the body.

A water fountain in the office or at home, instantly brings elegance in that specified space. Water features can be customised according to the taste and style of the customer. No matter what the reason is and no matter which space it makes worth looking. Water fountains certainly have a positive effect on the health.