There is a saying “home is where the heart is”. That is because home is one place you can relax and be yourself. Your house reflects your personality and the environment you want to be in. That is the reason why the design and things that make the house your home is very important. There are many different type of decorations available in the market. One of them is indoor water fountain.

wall water fountains

wall water fountains*

Indoor water fountains are one of the best pieces of indoor decor

Water fountains are beautiful and very peaceful to look at and be around but not everybody have space resources to have one. For all those people indoor water fountain is a perfect solution. It is usually smaller and more delicate than outdoor fountain. Indoor fountains are something that gives the feeling of being with nature inside your home. The gushing noise of water helps you in melting away your worries and stress. Also many smart and practical interior designers will suggest this as it adds a personality to any place and it’s pretty easy to set up. You can add your own touch to it by adding things like pebbles, water plants etc. The fountain is not only beautiful to look at but according to medical experts looking at water fountain for long time relaxes the eye nerves and also cools the eyes which can prevent eye problems.

Not only it helps you visually but also environmentally as these indoor water fountains effectively remove the pollutants by the principle of negative ions. So in this polluted world getting fresh air even from outside is difficult but with these indoor fountains you can breathe fresh air in your very home. It also helps with humidity. The water fountain increases humidly of a room by 2%.  It can help you reduce your cost for air conditioning and air coolers. Also human body needs certain amount of humidity to be comfortable and relaxed and you can get that effectively with water fountains. Not only is the indoor fountain beautiful to look at, it also can make you look beautiful as humidity plays important role in moisturizing your skin which leads you to have fresh skin and a better skin complexion.

One of the other advantages of the indoor water fountains is the fact that it’s not that difficult to install. It is obviously easier than installing outdoor water fountain. These indoor fountains can be installed anywhere in the house – dining rooms, bed rooms and even on tables easily. Not only installing these fountains is beneficial and easy but they are very easy to maintain. The fact that it is indoors and will not get much sunlight so the growth of green algae that pollutes the water is not an issue. However there is a one complaint associated with indoors fountain is the salt and calcium deposits. But this problem does have a very simple solution like replacing your normal water with distilled water that will eliminate the salt and calcium deposit.