Whether you have just shifted in your dream home or you’ve been living in the same place for years, it is always the right time to think about decorating your home. The home decoration industry has so many products and options that it often becomes difficult for most people to decide what to add to and what not add to their house. Items like paintings, curtains, art-works, lights, water fountain, and styles like, colour theme, natural lighting, arranging the furniture, all of it can make choices difficult since neither everything can be afforded nor everything is meant for every house.

So, here we have some tips on decorating your house that won’t be heavy on your budget and yet give the impression of having excellent decoration in your home.

Windows and curtains

Elegant windows and curtains can add a royal touch to your place, but the key is to achieve the required standard of decoration. It is highly advised that you keep the rooms well lighted with a lot of sun coming in through the windows. For this, it is better to let the window panels look naked with less curtains rather than draping them with heavy and out-dated ones. To go with well-lit rooms, fabrics of cotton, silk, and linen should be used since the blend along and also hang nicely.

Also, large rooms are better than the ones which look tightly packed. But what if your rooms have low ceilings? Here you can use a visual trickery of hanging the curtains higher than window panels. Keep them at height of 3 inches well above window cases and your rooms will look taller.


There is no compulsion to have mirrors only your bedrooms and bathrooms. Hanging a mirror in every room is a great option to let the rooms look brighter and shinier as they reflect the light around. Critical here is to hang them at the right spot. For instance, mirrors opposite the window will reflect all the light outside, but hanging on an adjacent wall would do great.

Moreover, just having a large mirror leaning against a wall can have the effect of making the room look larger and taller.

Rightly positioning the art-works

While you’re getting one or more paintings for your walls, understand that them being expensive and ancient is less important than how you put them up. Putting a painting at the average eye-level on the wall has the best effect. Also, if you’ve got a large wall, use it wisely and put up a large picture on it, or clutter many small pieces about only about 2 to 4 inches from each other.

For a royal look, a water fountain is a great option but remember you put it in an area that is fully or partially open. The more unique it is, the better it is for decoration.

Lighting and Colors

There are three kinds of lighting that your rooms should have:

  • Ambient,
  • Task,
  • Accent

Ambient lights, for overall lighting, should be at ceiling fixtures. Task looks great over kitchen islands or reading corners, while the accent is purely decorative, like uplights or torchiere in the corners.

With the right amount of lighting, the colours of the walls should be kept light and neutral. Colours like grey or beige impart flow and the illusion of being large. With such walls, switching accessories like a vase, art-work or water fountain is convenient.

A house that looks ambient and well-decorated gives the impression that efforts have been made to let the place look welcoming and loving. So stop procrastinating and start decorating your home with these ideas and your tastes.