Who said that your garden cannot be beautiful and useful at the same time? Over the past ten years or so, vegetables and fruit have been on the rise as more and more people are looking to cut out processed foods. And why not? The taste and aroma of homegrown tomatoes cannot be compared to processed ones.

Growing your plants from seed is easy and affordable, it’s also a cheap way to enjoy organic and healthy foods without paying top dollar from it. The metal flower pots are one of the most widely used tools.

It provides a conducive environment where plants and vegetables can thrive. Growing your food is a sustainable way as you’ll reduce the carbon footprint as well as cut down on the chemicals that you consume.

growing plants in metal pots

growing plants in metal pots*

Growing food in limited spaces

The best part is, you don’t need huge tracts of land to grow your food. You just need a sunny deck or patio metal flower pots are just not used for flowers only, you can also plant edible foods in both small and large flower pots ensuring you enjoy fresh and delicious meals all year long.

Not sure where to begin? Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we are going to briefly highlight some of the plants that you can grow on your metal flower pot.

Top Hat Blueberries

The Top Hat Blueberries is one of the best fruits to grow when venturing into small-scale fruit farming. This variety was tailor-made for pot planting, throughout its lifespan, it remains two feet long making it ideal for limited spaces.

For a successful planting, you need to choose a metal flower pot with great drainage. Use a good quality soil amended with agricultural sulfur that will ensure the PH ranges about 4.0. Expose your blueberries to direct sunlight and provide two inches of water every week.


Basil is also another top choice for container planting, it is always recommended that you use a medium-sized flower pot as it’s easy to transplant its seeds. For those who live in short-growing season areas, you can bring your pot inside the house overnight to avoid morning frost.

The basil plant is not quite picky when it comes to the type of soil, so you can use traditional soil. For excellent drainage, you can add pebbles at the base of your metal pot. Every week provide it with about an inch of water and pinch off its leaves to give it a bushier look.

Bush Tomatoes

The good thing with Bush Tomatoes is they grow to a specific size and remain there instead of growing unnecessary vines. Many varieties of bush tomatoes are ideal for growing in containers and make sure there is plenty of room for growth.

Remember that tomatoes need full sunlight to set the fruit, this means that they should be exposed to the sun 8 hours a day. To make that happen, position your metal pot in a scooter for easy movement. You should also position it in a pot-sized cage or stakes that will support the growth of your plant.