Whether you already have an indoor fountain or are planning to get one, you should know that maintaining it is a big responsibility. Once you have an indoor fountain set up at your house, it is important that you properly care for it to keep its natural beauty for years to come.

Here is what you should know. Unlike outdoor fountains, indoor fountains are easier to maintain. The reason for this is when the fountain is outside. It tends to fill up with a lot of debris like dirt and leaves. Indoor fountains, on the other hand, are likely to have problems like these. Also, you have better control with indoor fountains, keeping the pump free from any debris that could impede its operations.

However, there are things that you should know to maintain these water features. Here are some of them.

Using Distilled Water

Don’t ever make the mistake of using tap water for your indoor fountain, even if it is only meant to be a temporary substitute. Use distilled water for your indoor fountain to save it from staining due to the pollutants present in tap water.

The water from the tap contains minerals like manganese, lithium, and chlorine that can cause the discoloration and accumulation of dirt on the surface of the fountain. To prevent this, use distilled water from the beginning to keep your fountain clean.

Indoor waterfalls

Indoor waterfalls

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Many people tend to use chemical agents to remove the extreme dirt accumulation in the water fountain. It is better not to use these substances because it may cause damage to the surface of the fountain and corrosion.

You can use a more effective yet harmless solution like vinegar, particularly apple cider vinegar. It has germ-killing action and also works as an antibacterial. As a bonus, it does not contain harsh chemicals that may damage the fountain.

Clean the Pump

Some people with indoor fountains like to keep a part of the pump above the surface. It is not a good practice because there is no need for the pump to breathe. Instead, it tends to dry out and eventually burn out. Make sure to keep the pump submerged in water to keep it properly operating and the fountain clean.

Another misconception about the pump is turning it off from time to time to let it breathe and save power. This is not a good practice because it will only cause the pump to wear out faster and reduce its efficiency.

Clean the Stones and Pebbles

Don’t forget the pebbles and stones when cleaning the fountain. This is a common mistake made by other owners. The best way to clean these accessories is to drain the fountain of water and take them out. Clean each separately and allow them to dry. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the fountain, you can put them back. It will prevent them from polluting the already cleaned fountain and having to do it again.


There you have it, some simple hacks to remember so that you can keep your indoor fountain clean and working in good condition all the time. Follow them, and it will prolong the life of your indoor fountain.