For most people when it comes to water feature installation at home, most people tend to think they are meant for outdoors especially in the patios and garden. But what most people fail to factor in is the fact that there are also a wide variety of indoor options, especially when it comes to beautifying and decoration the bedrooms.

There are plenty of benefits that come with the installation of water features in your bedroom, we all want a fountain that will enhance the air quality as well as improve the quality of your sleep. For this post, we are going to look at the features that you should always consider when looking to install a water fountain.

Visual appeal

When it comes to choosing a water feature or a proper fountain for your bedroom, it requires a bit of an artistic eye. Location or placement is very important, you just can’t put it anywhere you want. You need to choose an appropriate spot that will blend in well with the indoor decoration and aesthetics of your bedroom.

For those who have smaller-sized bedrooms, a small tabletop fountain is a perfect option for you as it will leave a lot of floor space open.

Decorating with indoor fountains

Decorating with indoor fountains

Air quality

The bedroom is one place where we spend a huge amount of time when at home, the air quality of your bedroom sanctuary can be greatly improved with the right water feature. One thing that you should know is that an indoor water fountain can remove debris, dirt, and dust from the air.

The larger the fountain the more air will be purified in your bedroom and the more effective its purification qualities will be. Every night you sleep is where we do our deepest breathing, so we should always ensure that the air quality is healthy and clean.

Sleep quality

Installing an indoor water fountain in your bedroom will not only improve your breathing when sleeping but also enhance the quality of your sleep. White noise is always known for helping people sleep throughout the night enabling them to attain a higher quality of sleep.

For others, they go the extra mile and buy noise machines whose purpose is to generate a white noise that aids in sleep. A water fountain will achieve the same objective.


One of the important tips that should be at the top of your list is the color. If you are looking at decorating a contemporary bedroom with modern and unique styles, a natural-looking water fountain will not blend in well with other features of your bedroom.

Always go for a color that will complement your style and look. I recommend to my readers to always have a color scheme for the entire room.

For those looking to amplify the energy or refresh the energy of their bedroom, an indoor water fountain is a perfect accessory that will do the trick. Your bedroom is the oasis of tranquility so make sure that it’s excellent enough for you.