Have you ever wondered why many dentists and doctor’s offices have fish tanks? While the different colored fishes are fun to look at, there is an underlying purpose why these medical professionals have them. And that is to help their patients relax and lower their stress while waiting. It will bring down their anxiety before the patient walks into their appointment.

The sound of the waves lapping at the shore and running water are equally soothing. And since you cannot bring them home, you can consider having a fountain in your home. Fountains are considered as a place of meditation and reflection. And many people want to bring that sound into their homes and offices though an indoor water feature.

Why does the sight and sound of fountains calm us down?

Compared with sharper and repetitive sounds, the sound of gushing water can subconsciously remind us that everything will be alright. According to one biobehavioral health professional, the whooshing and slow noises from the trickle of water is non-threatening and works in calming people. It is as if the sound is saying, ‘don’t worry, everything is going to be OK.’

Aside from the sense of peace it brings to your indoor space, an indoor fountain can also gently block the outside noise from coming through your home. Fish tanks are expensive and hard to maintain. Hence, the best alternative to bring relaxation to your home and office is a small fountain.

Modern living room with mirrored waterfall features

Modern living room with mirrored waterfall features

Benefits of having an indoor fountain

Indoor fountains are not only there to sit and look pretty. Other than being a perfect centerpiece, it has surprising benefits that can improve your mind and body. It can help lower anxiety and stress in the following ways.

Improves Sleep

We all know that lack of sleep can make us irritable and cranky. For people who are unable to sleep, the sound of running water is relaxing and can lull them to sleep. Many sleep sounds are incorporated with trickling water and flowing streams. By placing a tabletop fountain in the bedroom, it can help you sleep.

The tabletop fountains can produce soft and repetitive sounds from the waterfall, this in turn creates a tranquil atmosphere that makes it easy to fall asleep. Indoor fountains can also drown out the annoying sounds of traffic, barking dogs, and noisy neighbors.

Relieves Stress

The calming sounds of the fountain can also help you de-stress. Like mentioned earlier, the sound of nature, like running water, can lower the stress level. It can help improve focus and concentration because it drowns out the annoying outdoor sounds and has a white noise effect so that you can focus on your work.

Creating Your Own Indoor Fountain

Having your indoor fountain in your home or workspace can have stress-reduction benefits. It can make your workday less stressful. If you want to have an indoor found, you can find plenty of premade versions that can sit perfectly on your tabletop. You only need to plug it in, fill it with water, and it is ready to bring the calm and tranquility you need.

You can also make an indoor fountain yourself as there are many basic and inexpensive materials you can find. If you have space, you can also build a bigger one. Whatever the size that works for you, you can’t go wrong with an indoor fountain.