We fall into the error of believing that the pots are, only, the container of our plants. A habitual failure that today we want to correct, learning to discover what the different types of pots can bring us or how we can take advantage of it. And not only talk about the welfare of our plants but also the aesthetic component that pots and covers pots have and with which we can play in the decoration of our house, terrace or garden.

But, beyond this, how to choose a pot properly goes through taking into account different important factors ranging from its diameter or shape to the type of material with which it is made. Because, beyond being “simply” a container, a pot does not cease to be the home of a certain plant and, for that reason, it is important that it is comfortable to grow healthily.

And it is important to start knowing that certain plants need a specific type of pot (as, for example, a good number of orchids that require translucent pots) while others conform perfectly to almost anyone. Discover how to make the right choice in your pots according to the type of material and even plant.

Pick the right material

Although at first glance, it may seem that the way pots are made does not affect the life of our plant, nothing is further from reality! The truth is that the potting materials are part of the living conditions of a certain plant, so it is important to know what advantages and disadvantages each of them presents before choosing the metal plant pot. clay pots.

Being a porous material facilitates the rapid removal of water (so it is common for some plants, use a dish under them to provide a little more water to the plant). For plants that need a rapid elimination of irrigation, it is the ideal material although it is true that they present a couple of drawbacks.

On the one hand, they are more fragile than those of plastic; on the other, we must be careful to expose them to frost (since they can break with these extreme changes in temperature).

Remember the size as well

A metal plant pot would look really cute in your home, but it will be useful if you do not get the right size. Another important aspect that we will have to consider when choosing pots for our plants in the future size that these can reach.

Something that will not only help us choose them correctly but, above all, help the normal development of the plant. A good reason to be advised when buying a plant by specialists, who can guide us on the ideal dimensions of the pot.

If we talk about plants that reach around 50 centimeters in height, a pot of 30 centimeters will suffice. If our plant can reach the meter in height, the ideal is that we plan in anticipation a pot around 50 centimeters in diameter. For plants that can reach two meters in height, it will be necessary to consider pots that exceed 60 centimeters.