If you are into gardening, you probably have one or more plants growing in pots. There are many kinds of garden pots available in your garden center. One of them is a metal flower pot.

You might have considered this pot because of its appearance and durability. They are made from a wide range of metals but the most common is from aluminum and galvanized steel and cast iron.

One advantage of using metal flower pots is they don’t crack or break. But they can dent and rust and become unattractive.

We need to know how to keep the metal flower pots from rusting and the answer is right in this article.

Here are a variety of options you can take to protect your metal flower pots.

Choose a Galvanized Metal Flower Pot

The simplest way to keep your metal pots from rusting is by using a galvanized option. This type of metal flower pot is coated with zinc on its outer surface for protection. The coating of zinc prevents the metal underneath from getting affected by rust.

The only drawback of using zinc is that it may leach into the soil. However, the amount of zinc that might get into your soil is not significant enough to cause harm, especially if you’re growing fruits and vegetables on them.

One way to prevent the zinc from getting into your soil is to introduce a plastic container to contain the plant inside the metal flower pot.

Use Rust-Resistant Paint

If you have a particular metal flower pot you like but it is not in galvanized steel, try painting it with rust-resistant paint. You need to apply the paint both inside and outside of the container. The rust will find its way even if there is only a small part left unpainted, so you have to be meticulous.

In painting the pot, make sure to start from the inside and apply it on all sides. Cover from top to bottom as well. After completing the inside of the pot, cover the outside with paint and leave it for 24 hours to dry. Apply a second coat and leave it for another full day.

Once you are done with painting, you can begin planting. Use a plastic liner before adding the soil for added protection and prevent the chemical from getting into your soil.

stainless steel flower pots

stainless steel flower pots*

Choose a Stainless Steel or Powder-Coated Planter

Another good option for metal flower pots is those made from stainless steel. It is coated with 11% chrome that prevents the rust from affecting the soil. This may be hard to find though as most of them are customized.

Some metal flower pots have a powder coating to prevent rusting. Some of the coating materials are acrylic, polyester, epoxy, vinyl, and urethane. These planters are very hard to find though and are made to order.

There you have it. A few suggestions on how you can prevent metal flower pots from rusting. There are other things you can do to protect your metal flower pots and lengthen their lifespan. Stay tuned.