Hello there! We are here to fight some of the bias against water fountains by listing the practical uses of having an indoor water fountain. If you are one of the people thinking that fountains have no practical uses, this article is just for you. Now sit back and relax. You are going to learn something useful.

It’s an Attention Grabber

Fountains are not only decorative; they are powerful attention grabbers in every aspect of the world. Fountains are vastly used to make aerial shots of properties look much better. They are also great in advertising campaigns. Flashy water fountains get a lot of attention, but they will create a point of fixation for you to stare at when they are indoors.

wall fountains

wall fountains*

They Mitigate Noise

Have you ever been to a mall to sit next to a water fountain? Do it at least once. You’ll notice that regardless of how busy the place might be, the splashing sound and the water flow will cancel all of the noise in the environment. These soothing components will help you create a more pleasant environment, and your body will be able to handle the rush of a busy hour in these types of places.

They Help You Relax

If you are stressed or suffer from anxieties, the soothing sounds of running water will help you calm down quite a bit as long as you focus on the sounds and do something pleasant to help your mind, such as breathing techniques meditation. Many indoor water fountains are customized to replicate nature’s sounds, and some of them aim to create an especial ambiance to help people be calmer.

They Can Help to Cool Off any Given Space

Water fountains can be used alongside environment setups such as thermostats or air conditioning to create a cool environment for the people enjoying the fountain’s location. There are quite many fixtures you can add to make the place more welcoming such as a reflecting pond, adding vegetation, or a misting system that spreads into the air. The way it goes, it’s up to you and your imagination.

They Can make an Arid Space Look More Friendly

Take a cue from the big players. Something looks impressive when it’s not supposed to be there in the first place. Take Las Vegas as an example, the place is in the middle of a desert, yet some of the greatest water spectacles are found there. If you lived in an arid area and have the means to do so, placing a water fountain inside your property will make it look unique, compelling and will invite people to stay there to enjoy themselves.

It’s good to keep in mind that most of this advice applies to locations in the countryside. City urbanism plays under a whole set of rules, but those should be discussed in a future entrance. Have fun with your setup!