Indoor water fountains are a great and valuable addition to every home, not only will they enable you to significantly transform the entire interior of your living environment but also, they will boost the feel and look of your home.

The good thing about water fountains is they cater to a wide variety of taste and preferences, they come in a wide variety of sizes, designs, and styles that includes different indoor water fountains such as free-standing floor fountains, tabletop fountains, wall mounted fountains just to mention a few.

For every home, you’ll be sure to get your style and design, even households with small toddlers and children will not miss out. There is something for everybody, for those with small children and are looking to install a water fountain, here are some of the few things that you should pay special attention to.

Modern indoor water fountains

Modern indoor water fountains

Choking hazards

One of the things that should be at the top of your list with regards to child safety is choking hazards, children are known to be curious and inquisitive beings; they love to explore everything especially with their mouths.

But, in a real sense, not everything should be put in their mouths but it’s a learning process and kids are still learning. Thus, it’s vital to keep all the choking hazards away from little children. It’s always recommended to avoid water fountains that come with detachable pieces, rocks, pebbles, stones as it can be easily removed from the fountain by curious toddlers straight into their mouths which sometimes could be fatal.

Arms reach  

One of the simplest and easiest ways of keeping your children safe and sound is keeping everything out of arms reach. If they cannot reach or touch something, then it doesn’t pose a real danger.

So, to parents and guardians; always be strategic when installing your indoor water fountain. You’ll be glad to know that wall fountains are quite easy to install. Another fact that you need to pay special attention to is placing them in locations that are virtually impossible to climb, also look for locations that they may deem impossible to reach.

Free-standing pieces

Floor fountains are quite popular in many homes, but the only drawback is they are deemed not safe in houses with little children. If you are a lover of a free-standing fountain in your home, then you should consider going for a fountain that is sturdy and wide enabling it to be firmly planted at the location of your choosing.

Remember children love being experimental, if you have a slender and long piece then they can be easily knocked by them, which can be quite dangerous. No one wants their children to get hurt, so keep that in mind when in the market for an indoor water fountain.

Having kids doesn’t mean that you should not install water fountains, not only do they reduce stress but also allow you to sleep well and also improve the air quality. So, keep in mind everything that we have discussed above to enjoy the best experience with your water fountain.