Last year, 2020 was a big gardening year. So many of us have turned to our garden to boost our wellbeing, create a space for socially distanced gathering, and grow our flowers and vegetables. Now that it’s 2021, it seems that gardening will not be left behind.

Gardeners of all ages rely heavily on pretty flower pots and planters to bring the garden into their porch, yard, or home. As lifestyles become more urban, gardening is all about containers. You can see the plants in different shapes, sizes, and materials including metal flower pots.

People are buying pots to plant flowers, herbs or edibles, foliage indoors and out. And the demand for stylish containers is on the rise. Here are the latest trends in metal flower pots that might change the way you plant.

wall metal flower pots

wall metal flower pots*

Sleek and Modern Minimalism

Metal flower pots are associated with modernism. For 2021, we will see bulky, ornate metal flower pots in sleek, modern styles. The trend is towards a more modern look and we can see them on very sleek lines. They can come in matte black, white, and grey and very geometric shapes.

Many of the modern metal flower pots tend to be lightweight as opposed to the past models. This is a favorable feature for new gardeners as they are potting house plants indoors, growing on rooftops, and moving the pottery around.

Customized Metal Flower Pots

Unlike before, gardeners are looking for unique metal flower pots made from rust-resistant materials like stainless steel or powder coated with rust-resistant materials. Some florists are partnering with artists to create customized planters that can accommodate large foliages.

Customizing can be an expensive option and may not fit an average consumer but gardening enthusiasts are far more concerned with their plants rather than the costs.

Heavy-Duty Materials

Many consumers are gravitating towards galvanized aluminum planters in large, bulky, or vertical designs. They can be grouped creating a turnkey set. Round nesting pots are kinda old this year but the angular metal flower pots are the new trend.

Others come in the corrugated finish in galvanized metal. These metal flower pots are popular for their durability and bring a modern vibe to any garden or patio.

Neutral and Muted Colors

You can paint metal flower pots and neutral colors are dominating most colored containers. It is not surprising to see pots in basic shades like gold, grey, white, and black. Aside from the neutrals, cobalt blue is considered timeless.

Rustic and Rusty

Yes, you heard it right. Out with the new, in with the old. Aside from the modern sleek style, the next best thing is the rustic look. We can find repurpose metal flower pots that others would consider old junk into a centerpiece.

To achieve the shabby chic antique aesthetic, plants are placed in weathered metal flower pots, perforated locker drawers, and other metal implements.

What is the Best?

In the end, it is the customer’s choice that would reign supreme. Instead of swapping your existing pots, they can mix and match flower pots to create a beautiful aesthetic.