stainless steel flower pots for decoration home

stainless steel flower pots for decoration home

Getting plants for your home instantly changes the outlook and the ambiance of it. Choosing the right pot will give a lot of personality to your green space, regardless of the size, so you will want to put some thought into it. Since our topic here is stainless steel planters, we can start by shedding some light on the advantages of using them over other options. For starters, metal flower pots can hold water much better than other materials, and they are a pretty though container for larger plants.

Since making a green space is not all about throwing a bunch of plants on a corner and wait for them to look good, we need to process a lot of information to do things right. Everyone seems to think that a stainless steel pot is just a bucket, which is not. The style and size of the planters you use depend on the general purpose of your green corner, if you are building a garden that people will be able to see and visit, you probably want something lasting and that it also looks good. It’s also necessary to consider the type of plant you are getting and if it’s going to be indoors or outside.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of the best recommendations you can take into consideration if you are dead set on using stainless steel flower pots.

· Consider the Size of the Flower Plant

If we are talking about flower pots in general, going with a big option seems like a good idea at first if you consider the fact that these can hold the right amount of soil that allow more room for the roots of the flowering plant to grow. A lot of flower plants need this type of space to drain the right quantity of nutrients to keep going and flourish two or three cycles a year. If you want to consider aesthetics, stainless steel flower plants come with some great designs that blend pretty good on any space. Keep in mind that the right flower pots are the ones where the plant is at least two times more visible than the pot.

· Think About the Conditions of the Flower Plant

It’s true that stainless steel flower pots can be very affordable and easy to move around. They are also great if you are getting a flowering plant that demands a lot of water since the metal keeps the water from evaporating too quickly. You also need to keep in mind that stainless steel flower pots absorb a lot of heat, so if you keep the plants on the outside, you need to supervise it after it’s watered just to make sure the soil does not go dry. Stainless steel flower pots suit better a lot of flowers that need just a few hours of light a day. They are the best choice for indoor gardens.

· Think About Pros and Cons

We have already stated a few advantages of using stainless steel flower pots so far: they are lightweight, they are sturdy, they come with a lot of designs, they suit a lot of flower plants since they require more water and nutrients than regular plants. One of the few disadvantages we can share wide open with you is the fact that picking any metal pot will not cut it. If you go cheap, you will see your flower pots rust out and dented real fast. If you go with metals such as copper or lead, you will see just how toxic these materials can be in the long run, as you will likely get a decreased count of flowers. There are also a few matters regarding temperatures since metal pots can be hard to handle in colder seasons. And last but not least is the general outlook of your garden, even with glaring designs, stainless steel flower pots can look like a resized garbage can from afar, but this should only bother you if you are too aesthetically inclined.

· Think About the Seasons

A lot of regions in the world have to deal with four seasons a year. If your flower plants are going to be outdoors all year round, you probably will have to reconsider your choice of material. While stainless steel flower plants don’t get as hot as other metals, they can dry out a plant in a matter of days if they are not properly attended. If you stick with the metal flower pots, the best you can do is keep them indoors on winters.

· Place Proper Drainage on Them

All plants have very different watering needs. We already stated the fact that stainless steel flower pots hold more water than other types of containers. It’s important that you make sure the pot has the right number of drainage holes. They are in place to prevent drowning the flowering plant with excessive water and avoid waterlogged roots.  If a flower pot does not have the water holes, it means that it should be used for decorative purposes.