It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pot. Today our article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of growing plants in each type of pot. The pots can be made of different materials, which can be plastic, mud, concrete, and wood.

Plastic Pots

This type of pots is usually very economical and light. They are suitable for planting plants that need a constantly moist substrate, but we must be very careful because they tend to heat easily and therefore influence the growth of plants. They are ideal for African violets, broccoli, spinach, and begonias.

They are not very attractive due to their artificial appearance, but many are made to mimic mud. They are easily discolored by the incidence of the sun; They are more suitable for shade plants. It is very important that the drainage works perfectly; there must be several holes in the base where the water runs.


pots These pots are characterized by how attractive they are due to their natural appearance. But they present a great inconvenience; They are very fragile and often break easily. In hot climates, they present another problem since they contain the porous walls, the water of the substrate evaporates very easily.

This causes that they are not very suitable for plants that need a very humid substrate, although the problem can be solved; watering frequently. They are ideal for plants in dry environments such as cacti and succulents. They are not suitable for cold climates because strong frosts can break them.

Lots of concrete and stones

These are usually the most resistant and durable flower pots. They are very decorative, especially in rustic environments. They keep moisture very well being ideal for plants in humid environments.

They are shock absorbers of the temperature, and thus the plants are rarely damaged by the changes of this. Its main drawback is that they are very difficult to move due to their weight. They are very easy to make, at home we can make them. Only cement, sand, and stones are needed.

Metal Pots

Metal plant pots will look good inside of homes. They can be made out of different kinds of finishes, such as gold or naked metal. They are also very practical since they are very light.

And of course, they are very durable, making them almost impossible in the event that a metal plant pot falls to the ground. You have got to be aware that leaving the metal plant pot outside can damage it since it may corrode.

Wooden pots

The pots made with wood are very attractive because they are 100% natural. They are very easy to build and we can make them from different designs. We only need to cut fragments of the trunk of some woody plant with a fine stem. When we have several pieces of logs we should only use the imagination and with the help of nails or wires, we hold each other.

These pots, besides being attractive, are highly recommended for plants because they maintain the temperature of the substrate when the environmental temperatures change abruptly.