Plant pots are manufactured in different materials that offer pros as well as cons in several aspects. The materials of pots with their advantages and disadvantages made in plastic or resin are appropriate for those plants that need constant humidity.

Among the advantages, these pots are light in any of their sizes, in their shapes and styles some models simulate clay pots providing very wide decorative possibilities. Among the disadvantages should be taken into account that being light, a storm could knock them down, and the sun in excess discolors them.

Among the materials of pots with its advantages and disadvantages is fiberglass.
It is very durable but shares the same advantages and disadvantages as plastic pots in terms of material and another disadvantage is that the price is much higher.
Potted materials with their advantages and disadvantages are also pots made of fiber cement and cement.

These materials have the characteristic of being thermal, ideal for winter since they do not get cold and in summer they do not heat up. Among the disadvantages, we find that they break easily, and does not retain moisture, so watering must be done daily, but this can be solved with a coat of waterproofing such as varnish, inside them. Ceramic pots have advantages and disadvantages similar to the previous ones.

The Different Types

The pots made of clay are the oldest and most traditional, this material is very fragile and heavy at the same time. Among the disadvantages is that contact with heat dry due to its porous material, the advantage is that clay is an ideal material for desert plants such as cactus and others.

Another material of pots with its advantages and disadvantages as wood.
With it, pots and flowerpots are manufactured that, in addition to providing warmth, are ideal for rustic styles.

The disadvantage is that this material requires a lot of care, but waterproofing them with varnish or other products for the care of the wood, the pots can be preserved and look excellent for a long time.

Another of the materials of pots with their advantages and disadvantages are those made with stones, they are extremely original, durable and decorative, but the disadvantage is that they are too heavy.

In addition to the materials of pots with their advantages and disadvantages, it is very important that they have good drainage so that the roots of the plants can last.
Metal plant pots are another type of material that they can be made out of. These pots are durable, and they can come in a variety of different colors and designs. They are also some of the sturdiest kinds of pot plants that you can purchase.

However, you have to be a bit careful especially if you will be exposing them to whether a lot, since a metal plant pots are quite susceptible to corrosion. This is the main disadvantage of these types of pot plants. A metal plant pot will get rusty, especially if you do the purchase a high-quality one.