It is believed that land is made up of energy and by Feng Shui one can place yourself and the objects in such a way that it makes a positive effect in our lives. It’s about balancing the energies and bringing a harmony in any space. May it be office, home or a garden?

Feng Shui cures comes in many different forms. Fountains introduce a powerful energy of water. It can be placed inside or outside the home, office, at a table top etc. In Feng Shui water is regarded as the symbol of wealth and prosperity. The life on planet is mainly of water. By activating or channelizing water energy in the right way, it will attract and enhance new ventures, projects, and new beginnings, promote abundance etc.

Water Fountain is available in almost any material like metal, wood, ceramic, plastic etc. Indoor fountains hold less gallons of water and with a silent motor it is easy to clean. There are some indoor fountains that disperse essential oils in the air too. Placement of indoor water fountains holds a great importance. East, South east and North West are the best places to place the fountain at your home or office.

When a water fountain is added a garden or indoor, its entire look changes. The sound of water flowing has a relaxing effect on the body. If it is placed outside then it becomes the focal point not only for humans but also birds.

Indoor fountains are of three types:

  • Wall Mounted Fountains– They are the most preferred type. It is usually rectangle in size and it depends upon the choice of the customer. They are easily mounted on any type of wall with help of a bracket. Usually the top and bottom panel of the fountain is made out of steel or copper. The bottom panel holds the water and the pump that re circulates and falls on the surface. The surface is usually made out of marble, mirror, slate etc.
  • Floor Fountains– These fountains sit on the floor. They are perfect for lobbies, hall ways, decks etc. They are available in variety of designs and shapes and can be customised too. They are simple to install and ready to start.
  • Tabletop Fountains– They are designed for smaller and compact spaces like to be kept on a coffee table, counter top, desk etc. They are available in variety of shapes, designs and materials. They can be used immediately after purchase as no assembling is required.

Water fountains changes the look of an indoor place. Regardless of the space you have, and the vibe that you want to show off. Indoor water fountains are just the one you are looking for. It changes the aura of a place. It creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere. It helps to de-stress and drown in the sound of the water and eliminate noise pollution of the outside. They also work as an excellent humidifier. It not only has a positive impact on humans, but extends it to pets and indoor plants too.