When we think about water fountains, we will most likely correlate them with peace and tranquility whether it is indoor or outdoor.

The latest trend in interior design is bringing natural elements into the homes. Aside from greenery, we can also add an indoor water fountain into our decor. These water fountains can come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Whether you are looking for an indoor water fountain to enhance the ambiance of your home or add a focal point for your office’s reception, here are the benefits you can look forward to enjoying.

indoor water fountains

indoor water fountains*

It provides a relaxing ambiance

We know that adding a water feature to your home decor can create a relaxing atmosphere inside your home. The calming sound of the water trickling from an indoor water fountain can help create a relaxing ambiance when placed in any room.

You can recreate a zen atmosphere in any room you want, be it in the sitting room in your home or the waiting room in your office. The indoor water feature can help the occupants of the room to unwind, relax, and feel comfortable. In a commercial space, it encourages people to stick around and come back.

It adds aesthetic appeal to any room

Water fountains can come in different themes. One is the baroque style with lavish ornamentation. The other style is towards a more minimalist and smaller fountain that connotes zen vibes. Here the water fountain blends into the background instead of standing out.

It improves air quality

Every time the water evaporates from the indoor fountain, it releases negative ions into the air. These ions help clean and refresh the air that we breathe. With improved air quality, we can focus more and think more clearly.

Another benefit of placing an indoor fountain is it acts as a humidifier. This water feature can add moisture to the room, adding more humidity. It helps people with congestion from colds or illness to breathe easily. In addition, the increase in humidity is also good for your indoor plants as it makes them healthy and vibrant.

Helps You Sleep Better and Relieves Stress

The gentle trickling sound of a water fountain can help us de-stress. It can promote relaxation, peace, comfort, and sleep. Did you notice how many of the sleep soundtracks include the sound of trickling or flowing water? Placing a tabletop fountain inside the bedroom can help you get better sleep.

Not only does the sound of a water fountain help you sleep, but it can also relieve stress. The sounds of nature, like running water, are known to decrease stress levels dramatically. When you have an indoor fountain in your home office or library, it can improve your concentration and focus, blocking out the noise from the outside.

There are many reasons why you should have an indoor water fountain. Aside from adding aesthetic appeal to your decor, it also has plenty of health benefits. Want to have the perfect fountain for your home? Check out our options.