Water fountains are the ultimate accessory that will make everything look and feel calm and amazing. But they do come with their fair share amount of work which quite honestly can be quite tiresome in the long run.

So, for those who are reading this piece, we know that you’ve already picked out the best water fountain for your bedroom of the rose garden. You’ve looked at all the specifications ensuring they meet your minimum taste and preference.

However, to enhance your overall experience you will need these important accessories that will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Automatic refill device

Never letting your water feature rub-dry should always be the number one priority, the automatic refill device tat will provide you with real-time float alerts. The pumps are specifically created with a floating device whose sole objective is the activation of the water refill if the water levels fall below the recommended levels.

With this device gone are the days of your water fountain running dry, but one thing that its important worth noting is never let your pump dry as it will have a negative impact on the automatic refill device.

For your refill device to work optimally, all you need to purchase is the garden hose, the garden hose will be connected to your device; thus, refilling your fountain every time water empties. Another important thing is that the pump should be underwater allowing you to sit back relax and listen to the soothing water.

Floor water fountains

Floor water fountains

Remote control 

Thanks to technology, you can now switch your water fountain on and off, with a remote control you won’t have to constantly hurt your back plugging your fountain onto the socket. The remote-control hooks seamlessly to the existing pump allowing you to turn your fountain on and off.

The good thing about this water fountain remote control is the fact that it can be used in a majority of water fountains in the market, thus making it the perfect gardening gift for your friends or family.

Fountain cover

The third most vital accessory that you’ll need for your water fountain is a cover, regardless of the weather/season whether it’s snowy, rainy, or hot; it doesn’t matter you’ll need a fountain cover that will protect it from the wet and cold elements.

The fountain cover should be breathable, durable, and lightweight allowing for moisture to be released providing wholesome protection to your fountain. Another benefit of the fountain cover is it will protect your water against dust and rain.

Hose pot

Having hose pipes all over your backyard or garden can be an eyesore, but a hose pot provides you with the perfect solution. With a hose pot, you can neatly tuck away your pipes neatly and discreetly. It’s recommended to go for the bronze post as it adds a bit of elegance to your outdoor environment.

Purchasing the right accessories will make maintenance and care of your water fountain a breeze.