There are plenty of ways to give your landscaping the “oomph” it needs. You can have different designs, plants, and flowerpots of different colors and sizes. But have you considered metal flower pots? In recent years, metal flower pot manufacturing is experiencing a boom in business, thanks to the popularity of metal plant boxes and containers.

Many people want to give their home, garden, and business establishments one of a kind landscape design courtesy of high-quality metal planters made by expert metal crafters. These metal pots and boxes are made with varying sizes, designs, and materials. There are large plant boxes that can span up to thirty feet in length with some even customized.

If you are into gardening and landscaping business or interested in adding metal flower pots to your assortment, you better read this. Here, we will discuss how they are manufactured, the materials used, and what it can do.

Metal Flower Pot Manufacturing: An Inside Look

Most of you are familiar with terracotta and ceramic pots, but metal flower pots are an excellent alternative too. One kind of metal flower pot that you can often see is made from Corten steel. This product can be used in planting different types of flowers and are widely used in the garden. It has a cone shape and a simple design. But because of its simplicity, it brings a new touch of style to homes and gardens.

The material, Corten steel, is made from a combination of stainless steel and carbon steel. For weathering properties of these manufacturing alloy, chemicals like Cr, Ni, Cu, and many others are added. These combined materials give the steel an anti-weathering property, which is perfect for home and garden use. Water and other natural elements can hasten the process of corrosion. Without this protective feature, metal flower pots can quickly deteriorate.

A flower pot made with Corten steel has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand the test of time. With such flower pots, frequent cleaning and short lifespan is never a problem.

Metal flower pot manufacturers can have Corten steel in different thickness depending on the requirements of their customers. But the usual thickness for flower pots is between two to three millimeters, with two millimeters being the most common. However, some customized designs may require a little thickness, like five millimeters. With such breadth, the flower pots can become cumbersome and very hard to transport. It could also result in additional costs in production as these products are massive.

metal flower pots

metal flower pots

How Metal Flower Pots are Made

Two materials are used to make metal pots: aluminum and Corten steel. Aluminum is used for its durability and performance. Most custom pots and planters are made from marine grade and heavy-gauge for residential and commercial projects because they are guaranteed to last longer. This is the same aluminum that is used in shipbuilding and boats.

Another material is Corten. As mentioned earlier, Corten is well received by gardeners because it has corrosion resistance properties. The product is left uncoated so that it can develop an outer layer of rust patina. This layer is what protects the steel from corrosion. Aside from its role in the protection of the pot, the patina also imbibes a beautiful aesthetic.

There are many places when you can find manufacturing companies that make metal flower pots. China, for one, is brimming with creative metalworkers. There are companies that produce them on a massive scale while some take on small projects mostly accommodating customizations. It is not hard to find these affordable metal planters that have clean lines and modern aesthetics.

Manufacturers of gorgeous planters can handle large scale projects that are sophisticated to tackle. They used steel alloy or anodized aluminum. Some local metal shops are open for customization. If you have a design and specific dimensions required, it is better to approach them.

Few Tips in Buying Metal Flower Pots

You can buy metal flower pots from any gardening shop, or for big purchases; you can check out local metal crafters. If you want to use it for your garden, the off-the-shelf option is the best. Beware of buying cheap pots are they can be poorly welded and may burst at the seams as the plants grow.

It would be best if you also bought a pot that is thick and strong. If they are not, they can bow or bulge when filled with plant and soil. Look for quality planters when buying larger ones. They are more prone to pressures and can be a problem during replanting.

Most metal manufacturers include metal flower pots in their product range. By combining style with the enduring strength and durability of steel, these pots and planters can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These metal pots are corrosion resistant and watertight and can have different finishes to match the style.