Metal containers are advertised as a great option to plant blooming flowers and edible plants. However, you have to read this article before you stock up on them.

There is no mistaking the beautiful contrast that metal flower pots bring. Think about this, metal and flowers. Two things that are contrary to one another, metal being so industrial and flowers being so beautiful. Yet these two fantastic things work. Many are drawn to the contemporary look that metal flower pots offer.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, there are benefits and drawbacks from using them. However, the metal flower pots manufacturing industry is keeping up with the times. Companies have introduced new materials that can mitigate the effects of using metal for your plants.

What are Metal Flower Pots and Planters?

These are flower pots and planters made from metal ( cast iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, Corten Steel, and aluminum).

Cast Iron

Most antique planters are made from cast iron, which is a material of choice in the past. They are heavy and coated to prevent corrosion. The cast-iron planters you can get hold today are mostly replicas from 1800s styles that are still popular with landscapers and decorators.

cast iron decorative flower planters

cast iron decorative flower planters

Galvanized Steel

These flower pots are made from steel that is coated with zinc to prevent its corrosion. When metals come in contact with soil and water are prone to rust. But when they are covered with zinc, the issue is solved. It is also beautiful to look at with its rustic feel.

galvanized metal pots

galvanized metal pots

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is more durable and stronger than other metals. Its intrinsic anti-corrosive property and being watertight makes it an excellent material for flower pots. Stainless steel has an excellent appearance too and complements modern architecture and landscapes.

stainless steel flower pot

stainless steel flower pot

Corten Steel

Corten “Weathering” steel is one of the most popular choices among the materials for flower pots. It is a combination of carbon steel and stainless steel along with chemicals, including Cr, Ni, Cu, and many others. This unique chemistry gives Corten an unusual appearance of orange patina. Corten is terrific because it is a paradox. Although it rusted to a certain degree, it is this surface layer that protects the metal from corrosion.

Metal planters are often used as cache pots. For those who don’t know this, the metal pot serves as a decorative external pot, where a plant that is planted in other types of pot is placed (tongue-twister alert!). When used as a cache pot, the metal does not mix with the soil and makes repotting easier when needed.

metallic series corten steel planter box

metallic series corten steel planter box

Why Metal Flower Pots are Preferred

There are a lot of reasons why metal pots have become popular. Aside from the beautiful contrast it provides, here are some of the explanations why you should switch to metal planters too.

  1. It is economical. Although you should veer away from cheap metal plants, paying an extra dollar for your metal pots can have its benefits. It will last longer and are easier to maintain. Compared to clay pots, it will give you more savings in the long term.
  2. It is easy to move. Galvanized steel pots are lighter and easier to move when rearranging your garden. Some metal flower pots manufacturers have built-in casters and doilies on their large pots to easily move them.
  3. Easier to maintain. They are attractive on their own; you don’t need to paint them. They are resistant to breakage and chipping and won’t crack. The orange color in Corten pots is beautiful as they age.
  4. Resistant to corrosion. Stainless, galvanized, and Corten steel is all resistant to corrosion, which is an excellent feature for these pots. This is what makes them highly sought after.
  5. Attractive. The contrast of the metal against delicate flowers is too good to resist. No words can describe it.
  6. Readily available. Because there are plenty of companies who are into metal flower pot manufacturing, these beauties are not hard to get at all. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can buy them at your favorite gardening stop and online.

What You Should Consider When Buying Metal Flower Pots

The attractive designs of metal flower pots are hard to resist, but you have to be careful. Here are the things that you should consider when buying metal pots.

  • Cost – Metal pots are handy and easy to carry. Don’t buy the cheap ones. Instead, invest in a suitable material so that it can last long.
  • Size and Weight – Stainless steel is heavy and can be hard to more if the dimensions are bigger. Know the space where you will place your plant.
  • Durability – It is a fact that metal pots are durable. Make sure that you know the material of the pot you are buying so that you’ll know its qualities.

Many manufacturers of metal flower pots employ advanced techniques to produce them. Aside from using unique materials, they use CAD software to make sure that these pots and planters are made in the exact dimensions. The unique fabrication facilities of these companies equipped them the capacity to manufacture them in high quality.