Ok, let’s clear the air a bit about our choice of header: the following advice I intended for household owners. If you live in a condo, there is no much need for this. With that out of the way, we can get started. An indoor water fountain can seem like a hassle. I mean, why would you place something that does nothing but run water 24/7 until it evaporates? (yeah, that’s what happens to water in a fountain) We are pretty glad you asked because we have some answers for you.

If you live in the countryside or have a house with a lot of green areas, this article will give you an excuse to invest some money in a nice-looking water fountain.

It will be a Major Upgrade for your Property

Think for a minute how fancy an indoor water fountain will look in your place if you set it up properly. If you are a fan of rustic decoration, you must have one in your home. Not only will your house benefit from it visually, but it will also give you an excuse to drink some tea in the leisure of your place while hearing nothing more than the soothing noise of water running, just like in nature.

They are cheap to Maintain

If you think having an indoor water fountain will take a lot of money out of your pocket, think again. The initial build will probably run a few bucks high, but after you are done installing it, you only need to get it cleaned at least once a month and pour some water to run on it when the fountain evaporates a substantial amount of water, that’s it. Some people think that the upkeep maintenance of a fountain is the same as keeping a pool ready to use when it’s not.

modern water fountains

modern water fountains*

You’ll Improve the Quality of the Air You Breathe

A water fountain does a very similar job to what a well-kept garden does: it keeps the air clean and fresh in your place, while it will also work as an air humidifier. You will notice the change after a few days. As long as you do the proper maintenance to the fountain and keep the rest of the mold from appearing on it, you will improve your health a lot by having cleaner air to breathe every day.

You’ll Improve your Mental Health

Picture for a moment what it would do to your peace of mind to finally get home from a hard day of work and entering the place to hear nothing other than soothing water noises. You pump it up by adding some extras with your smart house accessories. Maybe you can program Alexa to play relaxing music as soon as you enter the garage. The sky’s the limit if you have a budget and some ideas.