Water fountains regardless of whether they are outdoor or indoors is a valuable addition to your commercial home space. Not only does it create a tranquil but also relaxing environment, trust me there is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing than listening to water gently flowing.

Water fountains coupled with natural lighting creates an ambiance that is to die for, it provides a stunning and brilliant focal point in your room. Just like any other decorative accessory in your house, water fountains always require regular cleaning and maintenance ensuring it remains in top condition.

Here are some of the proper ways how you can care for your water fountain.

Outdoor water fountains

When it comes to outdoor fountains, they need to be cared for a nit differently compared to indoor water fountains. If you’ve been wondering how you can maintain your outdoor water fountain in pristine condition.

  • A huge percentage of outdoor water fountains are usually made of concrete. Normally, concrete material usually expands and contracts when exposed to cold weather. Its always recommended that you should always move your fountain indoors if you can which enhances its longevity. If moving your fountain is impossible, then you should regularly check for signs of water, your fountain should be completely dry during the entirety of winter.
  • If you have limited options and your fountain has to stay outdoors during the whole winter, all you need to do is to remove the pump and ensure it’s safely stored indoors. Its always advisable to rub your fountain in the blanket, burlap bag, or any other protective material that will safeguard it from the cold. Covering it completely will ensure your fountain receives maximum protection.
  • During the much warmer or hot months, you can always clean your fountain by removing the twigs and leaves at least four times a month. Always ensure that there are no twigs that might clog your water fountain.
  • Another trick is adding a small amount of algae remover or bleach to the fountain keeping your water clean and completely free from algae accumulation.

Wall fountains

Wall fountains

Indoor water fountain

For indoor water fountains, cleaning it is a bit simple and straightforward.

Using distilled water

Cleaning your water fountain using tap water is not prohibited, but it’s not the best choice as it can affect the stability of the materials used in construction. Tap water has pollutants, minerals, and chemicals that can corrode your fountain.

For these reasons, it’s recommended that you use distilled water, it has no contaminants, and it’s completely pure. In terms of price its can be a bit costly compared to tap water but it’s completely worth it.

Cleaning your fountain pump 

You should always make it a regular habit of cleaning your pump, thick layers of scum and grime can build-up, thus you should always clean your water fountain regularly.

Adding vinegar to water

For some this can be a bit unconventional as it emits a foul odor, vinegar has antiviral and antiseptic properties that will kill germs instantly ensuring your fountains stays fresh and clean.

If you want to keep your fountain in pristine condition, follow the above tips, and see your water fountain looking as good as new.